amigo and frances hayward
Amigo and Frances Hayward, BEKiND Founder
Founded in 2004 logo "seeks to promote awareness and sympathy for the plight of animals and to contribute to the alleviating of animal suffering worldwide," partnering with The Humane Society of the United States in many of its efforts.

katrina amigo and frances hayward
"Katrina," AMIGO and Frances Hayward in New Orleans. Watch the "Amigo Express" Video!
BEKiND is committed to raising public awareness including production and dissemination of Public Service Announcements, support of animal protection political initiatives, responding to natural crises, and supporting and taking part in awareness raising events and outreach campaigns.

katrina amigo and frances hayward
Russell Simmons, Wayne Pacelle and Frances Hayward who appeared together in an HSUS Anti-Dogfighting PSA

The inspiration for BEKiND was a young, former stray dog from the Bahamas named "AMIGO" who was rescued and rehabilitated, rising to stardom in his native land and a shining example of the importance of caring. Taking his message abroad AMIGO served as an Ambassador of Hope for homeless and challenged animals before his untimely death from cancer in 2007.

AMIGO'S 'mission' of making the world a better place for animals will forever serve as the mission of BEKiND in our efforts to fulfill the legacy of this brave and noble little dog.

katrina amigo and frances hayward
Frances Hayward, Wayne Pacelle, and Cornelia Guest at the YES! on Prop 2 campaign fundraiser in Los Angeles, California

BEKiND seeks to spread its message and address animal welfare issues through its outreach efforts and the sale of its products, the proceeds of which will benefit the Humane Society of the United States. Starting with its accessory "CauseCollars" for dogs and matching wristbands for their human companions, BEKiND ultimately plans a line of pet/people products and fashion items that will be available later in the year.